Most people today live with their mind ahead of their body. Our bodies without the present of the mind become autopilot. Most of the time we are not conscious about our actions.

Here are 10 tips we can practice in our daily life to raise our consciousness. Or click here to watch video.

  1. Do one thing at a time

Many tasks at one time our mind will not be able to focus. We will tend to autopilot with the mind not fully present. One thing at a time allows the mind present fully at one time. Multitask makes mind divided and scattered in many places at one time.

  1. Do it slowly and deliberately

Do not just bring the mind to the task. Let the mind involves in the task by giving an intention to the task so that the mind will stay on the task.

  1. Exercise

Exercise boosts many metabolic functions in the body including the brain functions. Exercise enhances mind clarity and increases sensory. It strengthens the connection between body and mind.

  1. Eat healthy diet

Healthy diet provides good nutrients to the body and mind. Healthy eating habits let the mind keep track on choices of food consciously.

  1. Reduce time of using electronic devices

Staying away from the electronic devices reduces information overloading the mind. The lesser time the mind connects with your phone, tablets and internet, the mind will be more connected with the real life surroundings.

  1. Spend time with yourself

Being alone in solitude is one luxury thing missing in most people’s life today. Spending time alone is an act of self-love. Time alone allows you to get to know yourself better and connect with your deeper consciousness

  1. Be in touch with nature

Connect and feel the different energies of the nature. The sun, the wind, the rain, the fresh air, the flowers and trees are always around you. Let your natural senses express themselves and bring out the consciousness within.

  1. Talk less, listen more

Everybody likes to be heard. Speaking out more, motivates ego. Listen more, encourages observations and respects.

  1. Be honest

Speak truthfully. Keep your ego in check. Be conscious of who you are.

  1. Be grateful

Appreciate of things allows the ability to recognise and conscious of beauty in life.

Without consciousness, we are merely living life without being alive, just like a light bulb without electricity. A life without being alive and awake is not living fully. Start making every moment in life counts by being conscious and alive.

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