The world we are living in now has an unrealistic ideal body shape that is believed to be beautiful and attractive. The media is to be blamed for shaping the believe system of most youngsters especially female what is beautiful and attractive and what is not. The television, billboards, magazines, fashion models on the runway, social media seems to obsess with only featuring skinny women. This causes insecurity in most women about how their bodies look. It certainly does not help when women are being judge by the opposite sex based on what they see and believe is beautiful on the media. Statistic shows that 95% of the women are unhappy about their bodies. This resulting in women constantly doubt about their look and being self-conscious about their body. Some women went into extreme dieting that is damaging their health and some even develop into emotional disorder and eating disorder such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. Everyone is born with body shape that is influent by different genetic makep. It is unrealistic to force our bodies to be what our bodies are not.

Body image is how a people picture themselves in their own mind. A lot of people lost confident when they doubt about how they look. Positive body image is feeling happy and confident with who you are regardless what the majority people believe how beautiful and attractive should look based on what is portrying on media. Beautiful and sexy come in different shapes and sizes. In conjunction with Women’s Day today on March 8th, I would like to write about 10 Tips to Positive Body Image to help women to improve the way they picture their body in their minds.

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  1. Count your blessings, not your blemishes – Remind yourself constanly what your body can do for you. Thankful that your eyes can see the beautiful world, your legs bring you to places you want to be. Freckles and wrinkles, flab and stretch marks will be so trivial as compared to some people whose body cannot survive until tomorrow.
  2. Pamper yourself – Your body deserve to feel good. Dip into the spa, indulge a good massage, it will make you feel good about your body.
  3. Confront yourself in the mirror – Feel comfortable to see image of your full body in the mirror and say kind words to yourself. It will make you fall in love with yoursellf.
  4. Be around positive people – Positive people compliment you rather than criticise you. It will help you boost your confident.
  5. Be conscious-self, not self-conscious – Focus on who you are rather than how you look or how others look at you.
  6. Choose self-love, not self-judgement – Do not judge yourself or beat yourself up because of your flaws, intead love yourself unconditionally.
  7. Feel your body, not weigh your body – The number on the scale is very misleading to how healthy your body is sometimes. Your weight definitely has got nothing to do with how beautiful you are. Feel good about every curves of your body is healthier than weighing yourself.
  8. Dress what you are comfortable in – Dressing good not only making you happy, also making you feel confident. Do not let the media influent how you dress.
  9. Respect your body – Be in touch with your body and listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and rest when you are tired. Do not feel guilty about your body’s needs. Discipline yourself is not punishing yourself. Do not beat yourself up because your body needs something or cannot do something.
  10. Do not comapre with others – Feel free to express who you are. Being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be. Everyone is born beautiful in their own way.

Positive body image does not mean allow yourself to be morbidly obese call it ok. Positive body image is a healthy psychology of embracing who you are at the same time love yourself enough to take good care of yourself.

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