Profile of YAP Fui Fong

Yap Fui Fong or better known as Fong to her clients, individuals and corporates, is one of the very few local talented individual whom has put a brand new definition and practice into the world of nutrition. Fong is a qualified Nutritionist who spent 3 years in England to obtain her Bachelor Degree with Honors in Nutritional Biochemistry from University of Nottingham, UK. Fong practices as a Clinical Nutritionist, a Nutrition Product Consultant, Nutrition Advisor & Trainer as well as an influential Nutritionist Public Speaker. Fong speaks fluently in English and Mandarin. Not only she is skilled in Nutrition, Fong also has a vast exposure in business and marketing. With 8 years of experience in clinical nutrition and 9 years of experience in marketing healthcare products, Fong had conducted talks to most major government hospitals across Malaysia and conducting trainings to healthcare products sales and marketing personnel across Asia. After being a vegetarian most of her life, Fong recently become a vegan advocate. Fong is passionately promoting conscious eating and conscious living to increase public awareness on holistic healthy lifestyle that is not only benefiting individual physical and emotional wellbeing but also creating a world where human and all lives including animals can exist in harmony with Mother Nature.



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