When the body is hungry, it wants nutrients, not calorie. However, not all calories in the food are made the same. Calories coming from the right food choice can make a lot of difference especially in weight management as compared to the same amount of calorie coming from the wrong food choice.

Most people eat when they are not really physically hungry, rather because they are not satiated. Satiety simply based on quantity of food passing through our digestive tract. Higher quantity of food passing through our digestive tract will increase our satiety and suppress our appetite. Real natural foods are bulkier which also contains higher nutrient value will keep us feeling full longer as compared to junk food with lower bulk and low nutrient value of same calorie content. Therefore, eating junk food will keep us feeling hungry very fast despite the high calorie. That is one of the reason junk foods cause overweight and obesity. 

High fibre plant-based whole foods offer higher quantity as compared to other low fibre foods with same calorie content. Therefore, high fibre plant-based whole foods trigger stretch receptors that are located throughout the stomach faster with the same calorie to send signal telling the brain to stop eating as compared to other foods.

So next time if you feel hungry , think before you eat. Your food choice rather than the calorie content of the food matter more to your weight management and overall health.




植物性完整食物含有丰富的纤维质,提供的食物量高于相等卡路里的低纤维食物。因此,高纤维的植物性完整食物比其他相等卡路里的食物较快触发胃壁的拉张感应器, 然后传送讯息到脑部以便停止进食。


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