Past is always part of life
2 weeks ago, my long time friend I met in school in England sent me a message told me he is coming to my city. I was so excited. Then I realised the last time I saw him was 19 years ago. He graduated a year before me. So that means I graduated 18 years […]
Key to the power of self-healing
The natural power of self-healing weaken as we age. This is the reason we seem to be able to recover faster from physical injuries or illnesses when we are young as compared to when we are older. Body heals itself in the process of cell regeneration which is controlled by natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH). […]
10 Tips to Positive Body Image
The world we are living in now has an unrealistic ideal body shape that is believed to be beautiful and attractive. The media is to be blamed for shaping the believe system of most youngsters especially female what is beautiful and attractive and what is not. The television, billboards, magazines, fashion models on the runway, […]
Eat Consciously According to Your Body Shape
A lot of men and women around the world today are staying in the battle of weight loss and still do not seem to win it all. Staying in healthy weight and be slim is not only about looking good and boosting self confidence but most importantly being healthy physically without increasing risk of getting […]