Conscious Living

Don’t just stay alive, start living a life.


Today, we are often overloading our mind with informations. Our mind is often dwell in the past, think about the future or simply just distracted by pieces of junk informations. According to a study by Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth, our minds are wandering 46.9% of the time instead of focusing on the tasks we are working on or the environment we are surrounded with. It means most of our actions are on autopilot and our decisions are by default.

When we live our life without our mind and our physical body staying together at any given moment, we are less likely to be happy and more likely to feel stress. Whatever our mind is wandering about, even if it is about something enjoyable such as a beautiful vacation, it is less vivid experience than the experience of present moment. Whatever we are doing at the present moment could be enjoyable if we pay attention to the details and discover the beauty of it without the distractions of other thoughts that might kill the joy such as worrying about the end results or regret over the past actions.

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