Exercise is one step forward but a bad diet is 2 steps back. A lot of people think they can get away to eat junk food if they maintain active lifestyle with lots of physical exercise but that is not the case.

Bad diets with high calorie and low nutrient value signal body to store fat. This is what happening when we have high calorie and low nutrient diet. Our bodies sense that there are insufficient nutrients supply to the cells of the body, therefore is in a situation of crisis. The survival instinct of our bodies will start reserving energy by triggering conversion of calorie into fat storage so that to ensure our cells will continue function as long as possible if insufficient nutrients supply persist. Under such circumstances, if energy is required for physical exercise, the body will choose to burn muscle rather than fat because body always choose fat as a storage for survival in the crisis of insufficient nutrients supply. Therefore, bad diets with high calorie and low nutrient value will also prevent body to perform at its peak during exercise and leading to body burning muscle for energy instead of fat.

Calories from diet is ultimately be the fuel to our body, nutrients from our diet is eventually be made part of our body. Therefore, source of calorie determine how our body use energy for bodily functions, and quality as well as quantity of nutrients determine the wellbeing of our body. We cannot out-exercise a bad diet.





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