Your body is your best doctor

Cell is the most fundamental unit of human body. An adult human body consists of averagely 30-40 trillion cells. Each and every single cell in the body must function properly in order to maintain a health body. Everyday all of our  cells in the body are subjected to injuries, damages and ageing. If damaged, worn out and dead cells are not being replaced by new cells, our body will suffer from all kinds of health conditions and diseases. Fortunately, the power of self-healing is within every human body. Everyday thousands of worn out, damaged and dead cells in our body are replaced by new cells that are regenerated by the body. Cell regeneration brings our body back to its’ healthy state where all cells are functioning properly again. When we receive medical treatments, we are merely facilitate our body self-healing capacity that is already born with.

The power of self-healing within our body can keep us from diseases, fight infection and even delay ageing. However, diseases still happens today because when we deprive the necessary nutrients from foods which are the raw materials to build new cells, the power of self-healing within us will be weaken. Therefore, nutrition is the key to empower the self-healing ability of the body. Due to the modern foods today are mostly processed foods which contain little or no nutrition value, it is very important to choose natural real food such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, nutrition supplements are essential to make up all the nutrients we lack of in our diets in order to optimize our self-healing capacity.




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